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Kildalkey Golf Society

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Society Members in 2010

2017 Season

AGM 2017 Report

Our AGM took place on Thursday 8th February 2018 at 8.30pm in the Snug House with a great turnout of 16 members in attendance, which included Kieran McGurran who travelled from Mullingar to be with us. After the usual formalities, courses for 2018 were announced, which can be seen to the right. A summary of the main points are as follows:

  • Our 2018 Captain is Martin Blake

  • €300 donated from Table Quiz to Meath Hospice

  • Tom Carroll is the new Society Secretary

  • President's Cup to be played for in Powerscourt again.

  • Captains Day will be held in Headford Old Course in 2018

  • Cost of Membership to remain at €50.

  • Membership capped at 50 members.

  • Outgoing committee re-elected.

  • Handicap system agreed in 2017 to remain for 2018

  • Terry Farrell won the membership raffle

A full AGM 2017 report is available in the members area here

Looking forward to seeing you all in Killeen Castle for our first outing of the new season on the 4th March 2018.

Notice of AGM

Kildalkey Golf Society AGM takes place on Thursday 8th February 2018 at 9.00pm in the Snug House. All members and intending members welcome. There will be a draw for those in attendance for free membership for 2018, and a free drink for all on the night.

  • Secretary's Report
    • Welcome
    • Courses for 2018

  • Treasurer's Report

  • Captain's Report
    • Nomination of new Captain

  • Committee Election for 2018
  • Motions
  • Draw for free membership for attendees
  • Thanks to Snug House, sponsors etc.
  • AOB
  • Close

Courses Announced for 2018

The following courses are the itinery for the Society outings for 2018 with some great venues in the offing. The full list of courses, dates & Tee Times are featured in the right column.

We start with Killeen Castle on Sunday March 4th followed by Lough Erne, The European Club, Palmerstown House, Powerscourt West Course, with the Captains day being held in the Old Course Kells and finishing in Knightsbrook for the Turkey Shoot.

Headford New (Turkey Shoot) - 11/11/2017

Turkey Shoot winner Kieran McGurran (centre) with Captain William Monaghan (left) and Kevin Conneely event sponsor representing Athboy Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic.

Our final outing of 2017 was the Turkey Shoot competition which took place in Headfort New GC, Kells on Saturday 11th November 2017. Twenty three members took up the challange. Conditions were good in that there wasn't a puff of air, not too cold but soggy in places underfoot.

Kieran McGurran emerged top of the heap with 36 points seperated on a count back from Christy King also with 36 points. Gerry McGuire was third, again on a count back with 35. Only 5 shots seperated the first 10 placings. Cormac Reilly and William Monaghan shared the 2's. There was little impact on the Golfer of the year spot with young Jamie Duignan already safe in his first year in the Society. Eamonn Gilsenan ran a close second. See below for list of placings in Headford..

The date for the AGM will be announced shortly and don't forget to gather a team for our Table Quiz on Friday 8th December.

Pos. Name Pts.
1 Kieran McGurran 36
2 Christy King 36
3 Gerry McGuire 35
4 Cormac Foley 35
5 Brian Carroll 34
6 William Monaghan 34
7 Conor McGuinness 33
8 Stephen Skelly 32
9 Brian Heverin 31
10 Tom Carroll 31

Tee Times for Turkey Shoot - Headford New on Saturday 11-Nov-2017

Please be in attendance 30 minutes before your tee time

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
10:00 C.McGuinness P.Kelly C.King G.McGuire
10:08 D.Dolan S.Skelly B.Carroll C.Reilly
10:16 S.Kelly B.Heverin B.Giles B.Duignan
10:24 B.Corrigan J.Kearney I.Kennedy O.Henry
10:32 K.Mcgurran T.Collins J.Monaghan J.O'Neill
10:40 T.Carroll R.Delea W.Monaghan J.Duignan
10:48 K.McHugh C.Foley S.Ennis C.Duignan

Knightsbrook (Captains Day) - 09/09/2017

Captains winner David Dolan (right) with Captain James Monaghan presenting.

Our Captains Day competition was held in Knightsbrook on Saturday 9th September 2017. Thirty seven contested the event which included three visitors. Conditions were blustery with some heavy passing showers but was pleasant in between.

We had some cracking scores where 40 points wasn't enough to secure victory without a count back. There were 4 scores with 40 or more with Captain James Monaghan carding a 42. Victory however goes to David Dolan who carded 40 points with Captain James demoted to second place for long standing etiquette. Third spot went to Tom Carrol also on 40 with a young Jamie Duignan 4th also with 40 points.

Brian Giles bagged 5th on 37 points with Alan McNally claiming 6th on 36. Full results and handicaps are here.

J2's Winnersamie also bagged the longest drive with Peter Kelly nearest the pin. The visitors prize went to Peter Caffrey who was on a sojourn from New York none the less. The 2's was split 5 ways for those cardng a 2 and they were E.Gilsenan, T.Carroll, J.Duignan, B.Hayes and P.Kelly.

After dinner which was also held in Knightsbrook, Captain James Monaghan made his presentations. He also thanked the committee for their efforts during the year. Following formal proceedings, a good night was had back at the Snug House. There is small matter of our annual Ryder Cup with Marcies (Trim) on the immediate horizon followed by our last outing in November for the Turkey shoot in Headford which will unveil our golfer of the year for 2017.

Captains Day Roll of Honour
Position Player Points
1st David Dolan 40
2nd James Monaghan 42
3rd Tom Carroll 40
4th Jamie Duignan 40
5th Brian Giles 37
6th Alan McNally 36
7th Connor McGuinness 35
8th Kieran McGurran 34
9th Brian Heverin 33
10th Eamonn Gilsenan 33
11th Denis Botha 33

Tee Times for Captains - KnightsBrook on Saturday 09-Sep-2017

We would like to have everyone in attendance by 12:30pm for the Captains Day.

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
13:00 J.O'Connor S.Skelly P.Caffrey (v) B.Heverin
13:08pm D.Dolan J.Corrigan W.Monaghan M.Collins
13:16pm E.Gilsenan R.Delea J.Dolan (v) A.McNally
13:24pm S.Kelly C.McGuinness B.Harmon A.Quinn
13:32pm B.Giles B.Carroll T.Carroll J.Duignan
13:40pm T.Darling B.Duignan C.Duignan T.Collins
13:48pm T.Gethin P.Fagan (v) G.McGuire O.Henry
13:56pm M.Blake B.Hayes K.McGurran C.Reilly
14:04pm K.McHugh S.Ennis M.Lynch M.McGrath
14:12pm J.Monaghan P.kelly D.Botha B.Corrigan

Druids Glen sponsored by Progressive Plumbing

Druids Glen - 15/07/2017

Our July outing took us back to Druids Glen on Saturday 15th July 2017 for an 11:40 tee off. Conditions were balmy to say the least but with a stiff breeze. 37 travelled which included 4 visitors. Kevin McHugh emerged victorious carding 33. Unfortunately Kevin had to depart before we got a chance to capture his victory mugshot. Jody Corrigan filled second spot on 30 points with Denis Botha third on 29 points.

Category winners were C1 - Jamie Duignan, C2 - Trevor Darling and C3 went to John O'Connor.The longest drive went to James Monaghan with Alan McNally taking nearest the pin.

Christy Duignan bagged the front 9 with James Monaghan taking the back 9. Kevin Allen took the visitors prize. There were no 2's carded on the par 3's but James Monaghan managed an impressive (lucky) eagle on the par 4 11th for a 2 and pocketed the money.

We are on a break now until the Captains day on 9th September back in Knightsbrook with a little matter of the Ryder Cup annual rematch with Marcies to follow after that.

Tee Times for Druids Glen on Saturday 15-July-2017

Please be in attendance at least 30 minutes before your tee time and allow for M50 traffic jams in good weather

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
11:40am S.Kelly S.Sullivan (v) T.Darling C.Duignan
11:48am K.McHugh J.Monaghan W.Monaghan B.Hayes
11:56am S.Ennis M.Lynch J.Corrigan B.Carroll
12:04pm C.King K.Allen (v) B.Corrigan D.Lenihan
12:12pm G.McGuire M.Collins B.Giles M.McGrath
12:20pm D.Gray A.McNally O.Henry C.Reilly
12:28pm M.Blake B.Heverin J.O'Connor T.Farrell
12:36pm J.Duignan J.O'Neill P.Comiskey(v) E.Rock(v)
12:44pm D.Dolan D.Botha C.Foley K.Mcgurran
12:52pm J.Moore B.Duignan (v) C.McGuinness

Winner Eamonn Gilsenan (centre). President Bill Hayes presenting with Sponsor Cormac Reilly

Powerscourt Presidents Cup - 17/06/2017

This years Powerscourt outing was the inaugural President's Cup competition and was sponsored by ARCH Plumbing & Heating Ltd. With conditions balmy on the hottest day of the year so far, sun cream was the order of the day. Thirty five made the Wicklow trip which included five visitors.

President Bill Hayes made a short speech before presentations. He thanked the Society for bestowing the Presidency upon him and gave mention to those who were the founding fathers of the Society and also thanked past and recent committees for bringing the Society to where it was today.

President's Cup day prizes

Eamonn Gilsenan bagged the President's Cup with a score of 35 just pipping Master Jamie Duignan on a count back finishing second with 35 also. Bernard Duignan came third on 34. Category winners were C1 - Brian Heverin, C2 - Stephen Skelly and C3 - Bill Hayes.
Other placings were as follows:

F9 J.Corrigan
B9 K.McHugh
LD J.Duignan
NP B.Hayes
VP N.McDermott

There were three 2's carded and they were J.O'Neill, S.Kelly and B.Giles.

Two extra prizes were given on the day for the worst front and worst back 9 sponsored by ARCH Plumbing & Heating Ltd. We will protect them from ignominy.

We move on to Druids Glen for our July event.

Tee Times for Powerscourt (Presidents Cup) on Saturday 17-June-2017

Please be in attendance at least 30 minutes before your tee time

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
13:30pm B.Hayes P.Rochford I.Kennedy T.Carroll
13:38pm A.Quinn J.Corrigan D.Dolan P.Kelly
13:46pm S.Ennis J.Duignan D.Botha C.Reilly
13:54pm J.O'Connor P.O'Donnell (v) T.Farrell K.McHugh
14:02pm P.Comiskey (v) J.O'Neill E.Rock (v) G.McGuire
14:10pm S.Kelly S.Skelly A.McNally B.Heverin
14:18pm B.Corrigan B.Duignan O.Henry C.Duignan
14:26pm B.Carroll K.McGurran N.McDermott (v) K.Allen (v)
14:34pm B.Giles D.Gray E.Gilsenan M.Collins

K Club winner Stephen Kelly (right). Capt. James Monaghan presenting

The K Club (Smurfit Course) - 20/05/2017

We travelled to Straffan in County Kildare to visit the K Club Smurfit Course. It was in good condition as you would expect but the disappointment was that the Bar food ceased at 4pm just as we were ready to refuel and with another Society behind us. Thirty five made the trip including one visitor from Sweden no less. It was a day where one got sun burn between the heavy showers.

Victory went to Stephen Kelly with a notable score of 47 points off 14. The new handicap system will put a dent in that. Terry Farrell took 2nd spot from Bernard Duignan on a count back with both on 38 points.

Category winners were C1 - C.King, C2 - J.Corrigan and C3 went to E.Gilsenan. The longest drive went to Brian Heverin, need we say more. Jamie Duignan took nearest the pin.

Michael Collins won the front 9 with Kevin McHugh winning the back 9. The two's went to B.Heverin, D.Dolan, S.Kelly and T.Farrell.

Unfortunately we have to report a theft from a member on the course during the day. The culprits were caught red-handed with the evidence in their beaks. Some cheeky crow deftly pulled a chocolate bar from the pouch of Richie Delea's golf bag. while his group was focused on the putting green only to return to witness the crows tucking into the bar only feet from the bag. The crows had more food at the K Club than the members did.

We move on to Powerscourt for our June event.

Tee Times for the K Club (Smurfit Course) on Saturday 20-MAY-2017

Please be in attendance at least 30 minutes before your tee time

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
11:00am M.Blake M.Collins C.Duignan A.Quinn
11:08am K.McHugh R.Lunden (v) R.Delea S.Ennis
11:16am M.McGrath J.Moore W.Monaghan T.Carroll
11:24am G.McGuire J.Monaghan D.Botha J.Corrigan
11:32am D.Dolan J.Duignan J.Kearney T.Collins
11:40am T.Darling M.Lynch K.McGurran C.Reilly
11:48pm B.Heverin S.Kelly O.Henry C.King
11:56am B.Harmon D.Lenihan I.Kennedy E.Gilsenan
12:04pm T.Farrell B.Giles B.Duignan -
12:12pm B.Corrigan T.Gethin P.kelly -

The Heritage - 22/04/2017

Heritage winner Brendan Corrigan (left). Capt. James Monaghan presenting

Our Heritage outing took place on Saturday 22nd April. The day was overcast but dry and relatively mild. Thirty two travelled on the day, which included three visitors. Brendan Corrigan won the day with a young Jamie Duignan next and with Eamonn Gilsenan in third spot.

Young Jamie had a fruitful day as he also bagged nearest the pin and the two's all to himself. Category winners were C1 - Brian Heverin, C2 - Peter Kelly and C3 - Tommy Collins. Brian also took the longest drive prize and the visitors prize went to Peter O'Donnell.

Pin positions on the day were difficult and so placed for a following Match-Play. We move on to the K Club for the May outing.

Tee Times for the Heritage on Saturday 22-APR-2017

Please be in attendance at least 30 minutes before your tee time

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
12:50pm E.Gilsenan J.Kearney S.Skelly -
13:00pm B.Heverin B.Carroll S.Kelly -
13:10pm J.O'Connor P.O'Donnell (v) C.Duignan -
13:20pm J.O'Neill T.Collins M.McGrath P.Fagan (v)
13:30pm K.McGurran J.Duignan J.Monaghan D.Botha
13:40pm B.Giles D.Gray B.Corrigan C.Reilly
13:50pm R.Delea T.Farrell P.Kelly A.Quinn
14:00pm M.Lynch D.Dolan T.Darling J.Corrigan
14:10pm P.Dowd A.McNally K.Allen B.Smih

European Club Brittas Bay - 11/03/2017

European Club winner Michael Collins (right). Capt. James Monaghan presenting

Our first outing of the 2017 season took us to the European Club in Brittas Bay on Saturday 11th March. The day was dull with drizzle for a time but practically calm. Captain James Monaghan got things off to a good start with his drive in front of 39 members on the day. This was made up of 10 new members and three returning former members.

The honours went to Michael Collins followed in second by Christy Duignan with Kieran McGurran in third spot. Category Winners were C1 - Stephen Kelly, C2 - Bernard Duignan and C3 went to Brendan Corrigan.

James Monaghan on his Captains Drive at the European Club. Kevin McHugh was best on the front 9 with Brian Heverin on the back. Longest drive went to Kieran McGurran with Brian Heverin nearest the pin. There were no fewer than 7 players who recorded a two and the money was shared between Christy King, Brian Carroll, David Dolan, Brendan Corrigan, Tom Collins, Michael Collins, and Kieran McGurran.

The new handicap system comes into force this season, as agreed at the recent AGM. Full details are contained in the AGM report here

Tee Times for the European Club on Saturday 11-MAR-2017

Please be in attendance for the Captains Drive and Photo shoot no later than 10:30am

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
11:00am J.Monaghan W.Monaghan D.Dolan J.O'Connor
11:07am M.Lynch J.McGuire M.Collins O.Henry
11:14am B.Heverin J.Moore S.Skelly B.Carroll
11:21am K.McGurran A.Mc'Nally C.Duignan M.Blake
11:28am D.Lenihan T.Darling T.Collins P.Dowd
11:35am C.King B.Duignan J.Duignan B.Giles
11:42am K.Mc'Hugh B.Corrigan S.Ennis I.Kennedy
11:49am C.Reilly D.Botha T.Farrell T.Gethin
11:56am T.Carroll E.Gilsenan S.Kelly C.Foley
12:03pm R.Delea B.Hayes J.Kearney -