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2016 Season

AGM Report

Our AGM took place on Thursday 16th February 2017 at 8.30pm in the Snug House with a great turnout of 16 members in attendance. After the usual formalities, courses for 2017 were announced, which can be seen to the right. A summary of the main points are as follows:

  • 2017 Captain is James Monaghan

  • New Society President is Bill Hayes

  • Presidents Cup will be played for in Powerscourt

  • Karl Stewart, Trevor Darling and Mattie Lynch stepped down from the Committee

  • Martin Blake, Brendan Corrigan and Peter Kelly joined the Committee

  • Outgoing Captain David Dolan won the raffle for free membership. That's two years running

  • Table quiz arranged for Friday 31st March in the Snug House

  • The Society's handicap system has been revised and is outlined in full in the AGM report

A full AGM 2016 report is available in the members area here

Looking forward to seeing you all in Brittas Bay for our first outing of the new season at the European Club on the 11th March and welcoming the new members.

AGM - Rescheduled

Our rescheduled AGM will now take place on Thursday 16th February 2017 at 8:30 in the Snug House. All welcome

AGM Postponed

Please note that our AGM has been postponed as a mark of respect due to the passing of a family member of our Hon. Secretary.

We will post update of rescheduled AGM in due course.


Kildalkey Golf Society AGM takes place on Thursday 26th January 2017 at 9.00pm in the Snug House. All members and intending members welcome. There will be a draw for those in attendance for free membership for 2017, and a free drink for all on the night.

  • Secretary's address
    • Welcome
    • Courses for 2017

  • Treasurer's Report
    • Finances going forward

  • Outgoing Captain's Report
    • Nomination of new Captain

  • Secretary's comments
    • Committee Election for 2017
    • Election of President
    • Draw for free membership for attendees
    • Thanks to Snug House, sponsors etc.

  • AOB
  • Close

Captain David Dolan presents the GOY Trophy to William Monaghan (left)

2016 Golfer of the Year

Our Golfer of the Year 2016 is young William Monaghan with a GOY score of 150 points. Brian Carroll finished second with 134 points with Cormac Reilly and John O'Connor sharing 3rd spot on 133 points.

The full list of placings are on our GOY page.

Knightsbrook (Turkey Shoot) - 12/11/2016

Turkey Shoot winner William Monaghan (left) with Captain David Dolan.

The final outing of 2016 was our Turkey Shoot competition which took place in Knightsbrook Golf Resort, Trim on Saturday 13th November 2016. Twenty five played on the day which included three visitors. We got lucky again with pleasant autumn weather conditions after torrential rain Friday.

William Monaghan emerged top of the heap with a great performance on 42 points which cemented his victory for Golfer of the Year. William now also joins that elite group of members in the over 40 points club. John "Anthony" O'Connor was second on a count back from Peter Kelly in third with both on 38 points. See below for list of placings.

David Lenihan was the longest driver with Brian Carroll nearest the pin. Mattie Lynch and Kevin McHugh shared the two's.

Turkey Shoot players
Pos. Name Pts.
1 William Monaghan 42
2 John O'Connor 38
3 Peter Kelly 38
4 David Lenihan 37
5 Martin Blake 36
6 David Dolan 35
7 B.Corrigan 33
8 B.Carroll 32

Tee Times for Turkey Shoot and GOY Decider - KnightsBrook - Saturday 12-Nov-2016

Please be in attendance 30 minutes before your tee time

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
11:30am K.McHugh P.Kelly I.Kennedy M.Collins
11:37am B.Carroll B.Giles M.Blake D.Lenihan
11:44am B.Heverin J.Kearney B.Hayes D.Botha (v)
11:51am S.Skelly T.Carroll C.McGuinness (v) A.Quinn
11:58am J.O'Neill S.Kelly C.Reilly D.Dolan
12:05am R.Delea M.Lynch A.Powell (v) K.McGurran (v)
12:12am J.O'Connor A.McNally W.Monaghan J.Monaghan

Kildalkey Captain David Dolan (right) retains the Ryder Cup from Marcies in 2016

2016 Ryder Cup v Marcies

The 5th edition of the Annual Ryder Cup event between Kildalkey GS and Marcies (Trim) took place on Saturday 17th September, 2016 at Knightsbrook Golf Resort, Trim. Kildalkey retained the cup by a score of 10.5 - 7.5 and in so doing are the first to win the series back to back.

Kilalkey and Marcies 2016Congrats to Captain David Dolan and his team on a fine performance, as the title was still in the balance with Marcies 1up with the last two teams still to come in. Four points from four in the final pairs showed either a genius Captain's choice of pairs and start positions or just pure luck. Refreshments and presentations were held in Marcies, Trim. So now, no pressure on our 2017 Captain to again retain the Cup in Kildalkey.

2016 Ryder Cup Results

Match Kildalkey Score Points Marcies Score Points
1 B.Heverin 1
2 J.O'Neill 1
3 C.Reilly 1
4 S.Kelly 1
5 K.Stewart 1
6 J.O'Connor 1
7 B.Giles 1
8 W.Monaghan 1
9 B.Hayes 1
10 A.Quinn 1
11 B.Corrigan 1
12 D.Dolan 1
Foursomes Kildalkey 3.5 Marcies 2.5
Singles Kildalkey 7 Marcies 5
Final Score Kildalkey 10.5 Marcies 7.5

Headford New (Captains Day) - 03/09/2016

Captains winner Anthony Quinn (right) with Captain David Dolan presenting.

Our Captains Day competition was held in Headford (New Course) on a wet and dreary Saturday 3rd September 2016. Thirty four braved the conditions which included five visitors. The Society broke new ground on the day with the inclusion of our first female player in the guise of Bridge Guy aka "Daniel O'Donnell". We hope now the ice has been broken that more will join us in the future. We also welcomed back Ian Kennedy after a year out.

Anthony "Chippie" Quinn emerged victorious with back to back Captains on a score of 36. Brian Carroll and James Monaghan were second and third respectively separated on a count back with a score of 32. Cormac "cut-again" Reilly, Brian Giles and Jim O'Neill took 4th to 6th placings.

Captains DinnerBrian Carroll netted the longest drive with Captain David Dolan nearest the pin. Mick McGrath won the visitors prize. There was a three way split for the 2's with C.Reilly, M.McGrath and B.Guy carding a 2.

Captains Dinner Following dinner, Captain David Dolan made his presentations and welcomed back Ian Kennedy and also Brige Guy our first female player. He also thanked the committee for their efforts during the year and our event sponsors, namely Oliver Henry Electrical, Stephen Kelly - Kinside, the Carroll brothers - Progressive Plumbing and Cormac Reilly - Arch Plumbing & Heating.

Following formal proceedings, a good night was had back at the Snug House. There is small matter of our annual Ryder Cup with Marcies (Trim) on the immediate horizon and the eagerly awaited first trip to Portugal in October followed by our last outing in November for the Turkey shoot which will unveil our golfer of the year for 2016.

Captains Dinner Here is the full list of honours:

  1. Anthony Quinn
  2. Brian Carroll
  3. James Monaghan
  4. Cormac Reilly
  5. Brian Giles
  6. Jim O'Neill
  7. David Dolan
  8. Tom Carroll
  9. Bill Hayes
  10. Michael Collins

Tee Times for Captains Day Headford - Saturday 03-Sep-2016

Please be in attendance 30 minutes before your tee time

Best of luck to David Dolan on his day as the year draws to a close.

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
10:00am T.Collins P.Dowd (v) B.Giles M.Collins
10:07am K.McHugh B.Carroll M.McGrath (v) T.Flattery (v)
10:14am A.McNally P.Kelly B.Smith J.O'Connor
10:21am B.Hayes D.O'Donnell (v) E.Gilsenan J.Kearney
10:28am A.Quinn M.Blake D.Lenihan B.Heverin
10:35am I.Kennedy M.Lynch B.Corrigan O.Henry
10:42am D.Dolan J.Dolan (v) S.O'Leary (v) J.Monaghan
10:49am K.Stewart C.Reilly J.O'Neill R.Delea
10:56am T.Carroll S.Kelly T.Darling K.Allen


Letter of thanks from MS Ireland.

Following our successful Table Quiz held on Friday 4th March 2016, Kildalkey GS made a €300 donation to MS Ireland. We have received a letter of confirmation and thanks from MS Ireland.

You can view it here...

Druids Glen - 09/07/2016

Druids Glen winner William Monaghan (centre). Event sponsor Brian Carroll presenting and Captain David Dolan.

A return to Druids Glen didn't disappoint as conditions were excellent. Thirty one made the trip which included seven visitors. Humid and blustery at times, as thankfully the rain held off and sunshine ensued after the front 9. Young William Monaghan emerged as victor with a score of 38 points. New member Alan Mc'Nally claimed second spot on 35 points with Bill Hayes throwing back the years in third with 34 points.

One of the bridges in Druids Glen GC Category winners were C1 - Brian Heverin, C2 - Cormac Reilly and C3 - Brendan Corrigan.

Brian Heverin bagged the longest drive - again, with visitor T. Flattery nearest the pin. Eamonn Gilsenan was best on the front 9 with event sponsor Brian Carroll on the back 9. The visitors prize went to J.Ayres. Bill Hayes and Brian Heverin shared the 2's.

Everyone got home dry and happy to relate there was no repeat of last years fiasco unlucky dip on the 12th. We take a summer break now until Captains day in Headford on September 3rd.

Tee Times for Druids Glen - Saturday 09-Jul-2016

Please be in attendance 30 minutes before your tee time

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
11:40am K.Stewart F.Jennings (v) W.Monaghan B.Heverin
11:47am A.McNally T.Darling M.McGrath (v) T.Flattery (v)
11:54am C.Reilly B.Hayes R.Delea J.Kearney
12:01pm K.McHugh B.Giles A.Quinn T.Farrell (v)
12:08pm E.Gilsenan M.Stone D.Dolan T.Gethin
12:15pm J.Monaghan B.Carroll B.Duignan B.Corrigan
12:22pm T.Collins P.Dowd J.O'Neill M.Lynch
12:29pm J'Oconnor P.O'Donnell (v) S.Kelly J.Ayres (v)

Powerscourt - 18/06/2016

Powerscourt winner Brian Giles (centre) with Cormac Reilly event sponsor presenting and Captain David Dolan

Scenic Powerscourt (East Course) presented a stern test in good conditions with twenty five making the trip to Wicklow, which included four visitors. Brian Giles emerged victorious with a score of 37 points. Jim O'Neill bagged second spot on 33 points with event sponsor Cormac Reilly claiming third place on 31 points.

Category winners were C1 - Brian Carroll, C2 - Stephen Skelly and C3 - Tommy Collins. Brian also landed the longest drive with captain David Dolan nearest the pin.

Powerscourt Outing Sponsor c/o Cormac Reilly No fewer than nine two's were carded as follows: T.Carroll, J.O'Neill, T.Darling, D.Dolan, B.Duignan, K.Stewart, M.McGrath and C.Reilly with 2 two's.

We return to Druids Glen for our next trip to the scene-of-the-crime river intrusion by Richie De-Lake who is now fully equipped for any repeat wetting thanks to the members. He's willing to offer assistance to Brendan Corrigan, should he need it.

Tee Times for Powerscourt - Saturday 18-June-2016

Please be in attendance 30 minutes before your tee time

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
13:33pm T.Darling T.Carroll O.Henry -
13:40pm B.Duignan J.Kearney R.Delea S.Skelly
13:47pm T.Collins P.Dowd D.Davis B.Carroll
13:54pm B.Heverin K.Stewart P.Kelly M.Collins
14:01pm B.Giles M.McGrath T.Flattery D.Gray
14:08pm C.Reilly M.Lynch A.McNally J.O'Neill
14:15pm D.Dolan M.Blake K.McHugh J.O'Connor

Moyvalley - 14/05/2016

Moyvalley winner Brian Heverin (left) with Stephen Kelly event sponsor presenting.

Our third outing was held in sunny and balmy Moyvalley. Conditions were a taster for the Portugal trip it was that good. Twenty nine played on the day which included four visitors. The spoiler for the day however was the course had been sanded recently and greens were not great. Even so scores were pretty good. Golfer-of-the-year 2015 Brian Heverin won the day with a score of 38 points. That sees him break into the single figure handicap in good company. William Monaghan took second spot on 36 points with Stephen Kelly a close third, on a count back, with 35 points.

Brendan Corrigan Category winners were C1 - Anthony Quinn, C2 - Des Gray and C3 - Karl Stewart. For the second time in a row, Brian Heverin ousted James Monaghan's longest drive effort. Tom Collins was nearest the pin and he also claimed the front 9. Back 9 went to Eamonn Gilsenan. The visitors prize went to Ian Dowd with a score of 35.

2's were carded by Bernard Duignan and Peter Kelly who shared the spoils. Powerscourt is our next venue on the 18th June.

Poor Brendan Corrigan (left) bit off more than he could chew. For every action, there is an equal and opposite re-action. The water didn't take kindly to being hit with a club and took revenge.

Tee Times for Moyvalley (Twin Oaks)- Saturday 14-May-2016

Please be in attendance 30 minutes before your tee time

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
13:45pm K.Stewart T.Collins P.Dowd (v) I.Dowd (v)
13:52pm J.Monaghan J.O'Connor P.O'Donnell W.Monaghan
13:59pm T.Gethin S.Kelly S.Skelly O.Henry
14:06pm A.Quinn P.Rochford (v) C.Reilly J.Kearney
14:13pm B.Smith M.Collins T.Darling K.Allen
14:20pm K.McHugh E.Gilsenan P.Kelly R.Delea
14:27pm M.Lynch A.McNally B.Duignan B.Heverin
14:34pm B.Corrigan M.Blake D.Gray T.Masterson

Slieve Russell - 09/04/2016

Slieve Russell winner Brian Carroll (centre). Oliver Henry event sponsor presenting with Capt. David Dolan.

This seasons second outing took us to scenic Slieve Russell in Cavan and was kindly sponsored by Oliver Henry. It was a bitterly cold 4c but dry nonetheless. Twenty seven made the trip. Brian Carroll put his stamp on things by winning with a score of 40 points. Another member of the 40 club. It was a high scoring day with a back-to-back second place going to Cormac Reilly on 38 points followed close in third by Brian Heverin on 37 points.

Category winners were C1 - Trevor Darling, C2 - Steven Kelly and C3 - William Monaghan. Brian Heverin also bagged the longest drive with a cracking strike on the 18th to brush aside James Monaghan's effort. Trevor also took nearest the pin for a prize sponsored by Ian Kennedy. Front 9 went to Des Gray with the back 9 going to Captain David Dolan.

Brendan Corrigan had all the 2's to himself with two of them on his card. Moyvalley is our next encounter on Saturday 14th May.

Tee Times for Slieve Russell - Saturday 09-April-2016

Please be in attendance 30 minutes before your tee time

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
12:15pm J.Monaghan W.Monaghan T.Carroll B.Corrigan
12:22pm B.Carroll J.O'Neill K.Mc'Hugh D.Lenihan
12:29pm B.Hayes J.Kearney T.Darling K.Stewart
12:36pm M.Stone T.Gethin B.Heverin R.Delea
12:43pm B.Giles D.Gray D.Dolan O.Henry
12:50pm S.Skelly S.Kelly B.Duignan C.Reilly
12:57pm M.Collins J.O'Connor T.Masterson -
13:04pm A.Quinn E.Gilsenan M.Blake -

Killeen Castle - 13/03/2016

Killeen Castle winner Mattie Lynch (left). Capt. David Dolan presenting

Our first outing of the 2016 season took us to Killeen Castle on Sunday 13th March. A lovely calm spring but dull day greeted us and made for a pleasant round. Thirty two members took the field which included 5 new and 1 returning member. The spoils went to Mattie Lynch who won his first outright victory since joining the Society with a score of 38. Cormac Reilly finished second on 33 points with Bernard Duignan completing third spot on 32 points.

Category winners were C1 - Jim O'Neill, C2 - John O'Connor and C3 - went to new member Eamonn Gilsenan. Cormac also bagged the longest drive with Tom Carroll nearest the pin just thirteen inches from our first hole-in-one.

Captain David Dolan on his Captains Drive at Killeen. Front nine and back nine winners went to John Kearney and William Monaghan respectively. There were no less than five 2's pot winners namely T.Carroll, B.Carroll, T.Darling, D.Dolan and A.McNally.

We move on to Slieve Russell on 9th April which will be our overnight stay this year.

Tee Times for Killeen Castle - Sunday 13-March-2016

Please be in attendance for 09:45 for the new Captain David Dolan's first drive and photo session of the 2016 season.

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
10:30am D.Dolan T.Carroll K.Stewart M.Blake
10:37am J.O'Connor A.McNally B.Heverin T.Collins
10:44am W.Monaghan D.Lenihan J.O'Neill B.Carroll
10:51am B.Hayes R.Delea S.Kelly T.Gethin
10:58am S.Skelly O.Henry M.Lynch M.Collins
11:05am K.Allen K.McHugh B.Smith -
11:12am M.Stone B.Duignan C.Reilly -
11:19am M.Hickey B.Corrigan T.Darling -

Table Quiz

Our Table Quiz will be held on Friday 4th March 2016 in the Snug House at 20:30 sharp.

Teams of four €40. Hope to see you there.

2016 Season

Our 2016 season is nearly upon us with the first outing on SUNDAY 13th March at Killeen Castle with a tee of at 10:30am.

Membership is also now due and can be made to any member of the committee.

Those who have signed up for the Portugal trip in October can also make payments towards the cost to the committee at any time prior to the deadine.

Best of luck to everyone for the coming season.