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2019 Season

AGM Report 2019

Our AGM report for 2019 has been published and is located here

AGM 2019

Kildalkey Golf Society AGM takes place on Wednesday 4th December 2019 at 9.00pm in the Village Inn. All members and intending members welcome. Please submit motions to the committee asap but no later than Friday 29th November.

Brian Heverin and Dale Duignan are joint Golfer of the Year for 2019

2019 Golfer of the Year

Our Golfer of the Year for 2019 is tied between Dale Duignan and Brian Heverin who will share the honour this year. Both have a combined GOY score of 145. The previous tied honour was back in 2013. Congrats to Dale and Brian.

This just means that the Duignan clan still have at least one hand on the trophy what with Christy Duignan winning it in 2018 from Jamie Duignan who won it in 2017.

Carton House (Turkey Shoot) - 09/11/2019

Turkey Shoot winner Brian Giles (right) with Captain John O'Connor.

Our final outing of 2019 was the Turkey Shoot competition which took place in Carton House on Saturday 9th November 2019. Twenty nine members and three visitors took up the challange. Conditions were cool and overcast with slight drizzle for the opening holes. The sun made an appearance but the wind got up stong enough to blow over trollies. Light faded quickly and hampered the latter groups. With placing everywhere and bunkers not in play, there was some pretty good shooting.

Brian Giles emerged top of the heap with a great score of 43 points. Brian faces a 4 shot cut for his efforts. Brian Carroll was second on 41 points after returning from injury which kept him out until today and captain John O'Connor finished third on 39 points after a count back.

Michael Collins was the longest driver with David Dolan nearest the pin. The 2's were shared between Tom Carroll and Christy Duignan.

The Golfer of the year was up for grabs today and we couldn't seperate Dale Duignan and Brian Heverin who will share the honour this year. It was previously tied back in 2013. See below for Turkey Shoot placings.

Pos. Name Pts.
1 Brian Giles 43
2 Brian Carroll 41
3 John O'Connor 39
4 Tommy Vaughan 39
5 Tom Carroll 38
6 Tom Collins 38
7 Christy Duignan 38
8 Stephen Kelly 37
9 David Lenihan 37
10 Bernard Duignan 36

Tee Times for Turkey Shoot - Carton House on Saturday 09-Nov-2019

Please be in attendance a minimum of 30 minutes before your tee time

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
10:40 B.Heverin G.McGuire D.Lenihan -
10:50 J.Duignan C.Duignan T.Vaughan -
11:00 D.Duignan B.Duignan B.Giles -
11:10 K.McGurran B.Carroll S.Kelly S.Caffrey (v)
11:20 A.Quinn T.Farrell C.Reilly M.Collins
11:30 C.King D.Dolan S.Skelly J.Sheeran (v)
11:40 J.Corrigan J.Monaghan T.Collins M.Lynch
11:50 T.Carroll P.O'Donnell J.O'Connor P.Fagan
12:00 P.Kelly A.McNally W.Power (v) R.Delea

Captain's Day - Headfort Old - 14/9/2019

Captains winner Alan McNally (right) with Captain John O'Connor presenting.

Our Captains Day competition was held in Headfort (Old Course) on Saturday 14th September 2019. Thirty five members and one visitor took the field. Conditions were balmy with an overcast early mornig chill warming up with afternoon sunshine. The course was in great condition and debris free unlike 2018 where it had been hit with passing storm Ali.

Following dinner, Captain John O'Connor made his presentations. He thanked the committee for their efforts during the year, thanked all our events sponsors and the staff of Headfort for their hospitality.

The honours went to Alan McNally who bagged the title with a score of 38 points. Indeed bagged was the appropriate word as they would be a feature of the days prizes with an impressive array of bags including a not too shabby golf bag for the winner along with the trophy.

A young Dale Duignan bagged 2nd spot on 36 points on a 3 way count back from his brother Jamie in 3rd and Jim O'Neill in 4th. Mattie Lynch bagged 5th on a count back with 35 points from Tom Carroll in 6th. Full list is featured below.

Jamie Duignan was the longest driver and Michael Collins was nearest the pin and who also won the back 9. David Dolan won the front 9 and was the only one to card a two and so had the pot all to himself.

Birthday boy Christy King.

There was a special birthday surprise for Christy King who was 60 - again. Presentations were also made to 3 members who had joined the 40's club in the guise of Michael Collins, Peter O'Donnell and Jodie Corrigan.

Following formal proceedings, a good night was had back at the Village Inn. Outstanding items for the year is the Turkey Shoot in Carton House in November and the announcement of our Golfer of the Year. The date for the AGM will then be arranged.

All pics have been uploaded to our Facebook page.

Captains Day Roll of Honour
Position Player Points
1st Alan McNally 38
2nd Dale Duignan 36
3rd Jamie Duignan 36
4th Jim O'Neill 36
5th Mattie Lynch 35
6th Tom Carroll 35
7th Kieran McGurran 34
8th Bernard Duignan 33
9th Christy Duignan 32
10th Christy King 32

Tee Times for Captains Day at Headfort - Old Course on Saturday 14-Sept-2019

Please be in attendance a minimum of 30 minutes before your tee time

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
10:30 J.Corrigan G.McGuire K.Stewart -
10:40 C.McGuinness J.Kearney T.Vaughan -
10:50 J.Duignan T.Farrell C.King C.Reilly
11:00 J.Monaghan S.Ennis A.McNally M.Blake
11:10 K.McGurran B.Duignan K.McHugh B.Harmon
11:20 D.Dolan J.O.Neill M.Collins M.Lynch
11:30 D.Duignan P.O'Donnell S.O'Sullivan R.Delea
11:40 T.Carroll J.O'Connor S.Kelly P.Kelly
11:50 C.Duignan B.Giles M.Stone D.Botha
12:00 B.Corrigan B.Hayes P.Rochford T.Gibney (v)

Palmerstown Stud - 24/8/2019

Palmerstown winner Conor McGuinness

Our August outing saw us return to Palmerstown Stud. A most wonderful summers day with perfect conditions for golf. We had 31 members and 1 visitor. The Honours went to Conor McGuinness with 39 points on a count back from James Monaghan in second. Gerry McGuire bagged 3rd spot with 38 points.

Category winners were as follows: C1 - A.Powell, C2 - C.Duignan, C3 - T.Farrell and C4 - M.Collins. Conor also netted the longest drive with Martin Blake nearest the pin. Mark McNevin won the F9 with Peter Kelly taking the B9.

There were no less than 7 players who carded a 2 and who's names are not to hand unfortunately. But they know who they are.

Captains day is up next in September.

Tee Times for Palmerstown Stud on Saturday 24-August-2019

Please be in attendance a minimum of 30 minutes before your tee time

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
12:40 D.Duignan G.McGuire A.McNally -
12:50 T.Carroll A.Hanley (V) D.Lenihan -
13:00 A.Powell B.Duignan J.O'Connor T.Collins
13:10 A.QUinn C.Duignan S.Skelly D.Botha
13:20 K.McGurran S.Kelly C.Reilly M.Stone
13:30 C.King J.Monaghan S.Ennis R.Delea
13:40 B.Heverin D.Dolan M.Collins K.Stewart
13:50 J.Corrigan T.Farrell P.Kelly M.Blake
14:00 C.McGuinness M.McNevin S.O'Sullvan P.Rochford

Carton House - 13/07/2019 (changed to Headfort New)

President's Cup winner Brien Heverin (centre). President Bill Hayes (left) presenting with Paul Fagan event sponsor.

Due to a booking error our President's Cup venue had to be changed at the last minute. Luckily Headfort New were able to accommodate us and it proved a fine substitute. The course was in fine condition with balmy weather to boot. Thirty five members turned out to battle for the coveted cup.

Brian Heverin was victorious with 39 points. Eamon Gilsenan was 2nd on 38 with Dale Duignan third on 36 points.

Category winners were C1 - Kieran McGurran, C2 - Christy Duignan, C3 - Oliver Henry and C4 - went to Bill hayes. Christy was also the longest driver with Dale Duignan nearest the Pin. M.Stone bagged the front 9 with G.McGuire taking the back 9. There was only one 2 carded which went to another member of the Duignan clan in the guise of Jamie.

In a break with tradition, the presentations took place back at the Village Inn where hot food and music were provided by our generous hosts and sponsor.

Our next outing is the first August outing and takes us to Palmerstown House

Urgent Update

Due to a booking error mix up, tomorrow's outing to Carton House is cancelled. As Headfort New has made itself available from 1:00pm, members have been canvassed via text as whether to proceed with this change of venue. As majority have confirmed yes we are proceeding in Headfort New at 1:00pm tee off time tomorrow Saturday 13th July 2019. Your groups TT will be the same as if it was a 11:00 start but now with a 1:00pm start.

Again, sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.

Tee Times for Carton House on Saturday 13-July-2019

Please be in attendance a minimum of 30 minutes before your tee time

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
11:00 A.Quinn M.Collins M.Blake -
11:10 D.Dolan S.Kelly E.Gilsenan R.Delea
11:20 K.McGurran B.Duignan T.Vaughan B.Hayes
11:30 D.Duignan B.Giles J.O'Connor M.Lynch
11:40 C.King G.McGuire C.Reilly B.Harmon
11:50 T.Carroll S.Ennis S.O'Sullivan J.Duggan (v)
12:00 C.Duignan J.O'Neill D.Lenihan M.Stone
12:10 J.Corrigan J.Monaghan O.Henry P.Fagan
12:20 J.Duignan T.Farrell K.McHugh K.Stewart
12:30 M.McNevin P.O'Donnell B.Corrigan D.Botha

Lough Erne - 22/06/2019

Lough Erne winner Bernard Duignan (right) with Cormac Reilly event sponsor presenting and Capt. John O'Connor (left)

Our June outing saw us return to Lough Erne. The weather Gods bestowed on us great conditions again with a dry and slightly overcast day. The course was in much better condition than last year but with some tough pin positions. Twenty seven members and three visitors made the 2 hour trip.

Bernard Duignan took the honors with 36 points. Christy King snatched 2nd spot on a count back from Gerry McGuire with both on 35 points. Category winners were C1 - K.McGurran, C2 - S.Ennis, C3 - B.Corrigan and C4 went to T.Collins. Longest drive winner was a no surprise B.Heverin. Visitor M.Farrelly was nearest the pin and he also bagged the visitors prize. D.Dolan won the front 9 with J.O'Connor taking the back 9. The 2's was split 4 ways among D.Dolan, C.Reilly, B.Harmon and C.Duignan.

Our next outing is the President's Cup in Carton House - O'Meara.

Tee Times for Lough Erne on Saturday 22-June-2019

Please be in attendance a minimum of 30 minutes before your tee time

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
11:00 B.Giles M.McGrath P.Rochford
11:10 D.Dolan S.Kelly M.Collins B.Corrigan
11:20 C.McGuinness C.King S.O'Sullivan M.Lynch
11:30 J.Corrigan G.McGuire Visitor R.Delea
11:40 B.Heverin Visitor S.Ennis D.Botha
11:50 C.Duignan B.Duignan C.Reilly T.Collins
12:00 K.McGurran M.McNevin A.McNally B.Harmon
12:10 T.Caroll Visitor J.O'Connor K.Stewart

European Club - 25/05/2019

European Club winner David Dolan (left) with Capt. John O'Connor presenting

Our May outing saw us return to the European Club for a third year in a row. The weather Gods bestowed great conditions again with a balmy, humid and slightly overcast day. Thankfully the wind was no more than a normal coastal breeze. Still a tough track in any condition. 31 made the long journey down to Brittas Bay which included 2 visitors.

David Dolan won the day with 34 points. New member Mark Mc'Nevin was second on 33 points with a young Dale Duignan third on 31 points. Category winners were C1 - Ali Powell, C2 - Stephen Kelly, C3 - Seamus Ennis and C4 - Martin Blake. Dale Duignan also bagged the longest drive with Michael Collins nearest the pin. The front 9 went to Kieran McGurran with Christy King taking the back 9. There were 3 winners of the 2's competition and they were T.Carroll, C.King and J.Redmond (v).

We make a return trip next to Lough Erne.

Tee Times for European Club on Saturday 25-May-2019

Please be in attendance a minimum of 30 minutes before your tee time

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
12:08 K.McGurran J.O'Neill B.Corrigan K.Stewart
12:18 J.Monaghan G.McGuire J.O'Connor T.Collins
12:28 T.Carroll J.Farrelly (v) A.McNally R.Delea
12:38 C.King J.Redmond (v) M.Collins M.Blake
12:48 A.Powell B.Duignan K.McHugh B.Harmon
12:58 C.Duignan S.Ennis M.McGrath M.Lynch
13:08 D.Dolan M.McNevin P.Kelly S.O'Sullivan
13:18 D.Duignan B.Giles S.Kelly D.Botha

Mount Juliet - 27/04/2019

Mount Juliet winner Dale Duignan (left) with Capt. John O'Connor presenting

Our second outing took us to Mount Juliet in Kilkenny on Saturday 27/04/2019. Thirty nine made the trip which included two visitors. Sixteen players made it an overnight stay. Storm Hannah had swept in over friday night leaving us with very tricky windy conditions with squally showers that passed quickly and mixed with some hail. But not as unpleasant as it could have been.

Dale Duignan emerged victorious with 37 points. Returned new member for this year Peter O'Donnell was second on 41 points. Unfortunately for Peter, under the new member win rule, victory wasn't possible. Brendan (Fritz) Harmon secured third on 35 points on a countback from Brian Heverin.

Category winners were as follows: C1 - Anthony Quinn. C2 - Brian Heverin. C3 - Peter Kelly and C4 - Richie Delea.

Longest drive went to Jamie Duignan with Kieran McGurran nearest the pin having hit the flag and dropping close. David Dolan took the front 9 with Jamie Duignan also bagging the back 9. There were 3 winners of the 2's competition namely K.McGurran, C.Duignan and J.O'Neill.

This was the Society's first visit to the the Mount Juliet venue and the committee have decided it is definetly worth a return visit. Sixteen members made this an overnight stay where they stayed in Kilkenny city Saturday night and had a ball.

We move onto the European Club for our May outing.

Tee Times for Mount Juliet on Saturday 27-April-2019

Please be in attendance a minimum of 30 minutes before your tee time

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
11:33 P.Caffrey (v) S.Kelly C.Reilly -
11:43 K.McGurran J.Monaghan P.Kelly R.Delea
11:53 J.Corrigan M.McNevin G.McGuire D.Botha
12:03 T.Carroll B.Heverin M.McGrath M.Blake
12:13 C.Duignan D.Dolan S.O'Sullivan M.Lynch
12:23 C.McGuinness T.Farrell J.O'Connor K.Stewart
12:33 A.Powell B.Duignan P.O'Donnell B.Corrigan
12:43 A.Quinn J.O'Neill A.McNally B.Hayes
12:53 J.Duignan D.Duignan S.Ennis B.Harmon
13:03 C.Wojnar (v) C.King M.Collins M.Stone

Seapoint - 30/03/2019

Seapoint winner Jodie Corrigan (left) with Capt. John O'Connor presenting

The 2019 season saw us kick off at Seapoint on Saturday 30/03/2019. The expected dull and drizzly conditions didn't materialise and conditions were very pleasant. The links wind did make an apprarance in the latter stages.

Thirty four members and two visitors were present to see off our new captain for 2019 which is none other than John "bricking it" O'Connor. We welcomed back three former members, they being Tommy Vaughan, Peter O'Donnell and Ali Powell and with newbie Mark McNevin.

John O'Connor on his Captains Drive at Seapoint

The honours went to Jodie Corrigan with 39 points. Martin Stone was close behind on 38 points with captain John O'Connor bagging third sport on a count back from David Dolan on 37 points.

Category winners were as follows: C1 - K.McGurran, C2 - D.Dolan, C3 - J.Kearney and C4 - R.Delea.

David Dolan was the longest driver with Brian Heverin nearest the pin. Brian also netted the front 9 with Brian Giles scooping the back 9. Kieran McGurran an Gerry McGuire split the 2's competition.

Next we travel to Kilkenny for a first visit to Mt. Juliet on 27th April. This will be an overnight stay for some. Report to follow except what happens in Vegas......

Tee Times for Seapoint on Saturday 30-March-2019

Please be in attendance for the Captain's Drive

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
09:30 J.O'Connor P.O'Donnell (V) R.Delea J.Monaghan
09:40 K.McGurran D.Dolan T.Collins P.Fagan
09:50 B.Heverin B.Duignan M.Collins M.Blake
10:00 P.Caffrey (V) S.Kelly S.Skelly D.Botha
10:10 J.Corrigan B.Carroll K.McHugh E.Gilsenan
10:20 T.Carroll S.Ennis M.McGrath K.Stewart
10:30 C.King T.Farrell J.Kearney I.Kennedy
10:40 A.Powell M.McNevin T.Vaughan M.Stone
10:50 A.Quinn B.Giles G.McGuire P.Kelly